Should You Count Calories?!

Apps that let you track calories make calories seem like a bad thing. They alienate you from food until it becomes nothing more than a number that you have to keep below a certain threshold - and that is not how I believe what we fuel our bodies with should be viewed.

Calories are not to be feared. They’re not the bad guys. They won’t make you fat. A food with more calories does not mean it’s worse than a food with less calories. They’re simply what allow us to thrive, function, live, breathe, laugh, smile, experience life and make memories. They’re what give us energy and life. They’re what keep us warm and healthy and full of joy.

So why fear them? Why should we count them as if our food is just a number? Why make the dinner table a maths lesson?

If you’re listening to your body and making an effort to not deprive yourself in any way, shape or form - knowing the calories in something is completely useless. If you fuel yourself and enjoy the food you decide to give to your body whilst listening to the signals it give you - why would you want to waste all that time and effort into counting these numbers which won’t add anything to your life?

Personally, I do not count calories, however I have a rough idea of how much I eat in a day just to ensure I eat enough. It is imperative to make sure we all nourish our bodies with enough fuel every single day, and since vegan food in particular can be very calorically dilute yet large in volume, for me calories are important to just be a bit aware of so that I don’t deprive my body of enough nourishment.

Having said this, I definitely do not track every calorie or weight my food or count my macros - and it has taken me a while to get to this point. I believe that, unless you want to occasionally check you’re eating enough and getting enough nutrients, you should not count calories because it adds absolutely nothing to your life and it can lead to a very unhealthy relationship with food.

Life is too short to weigh your cornflakes & count every calorie that enters your body!

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