Overnight Rawnola Bowl

I shared this recipe on my Instagram around a week ago and you guys absolutely loved it - so I thought it would be the perfect recipe to use to inaugurate my blog!

Ingredients (serves 1):

↝ 1 cup rolled oats ↝ 2 medjool dates, pitted ↝ 1 banana ↝ 1 cup plant milk ↝ 1 cup blueberries ↝ 1 tbsp chia seeds ↝ 3 tbsp puffed quinoa ↝ 1 tbsp almond butter

Method: First, blend together the oats and the dates for a few seconds in a high-speed blender.

Then, add it to a bowl with the plant milk and the blueberries and place it in a fridge overnight.

In the morning, add all the toppings and enjoy!