My Favourite Podcasts

I have been wanting to write this blog post for months now but somehow have never got around to it - today is the day I finally share with you a definitive list of all my favourite podcasts! I discovered podcasts last year and have not stopped listening to them since. If you’re not already a fan, I really do recommend getting yourself to try listening to some podcast about a subject that interests you - I never thought I’d become a fan of them but now a day rarely goes by without me listening to at least one podcast!

1. Talking Tastebuds

This is a podcast discussing all things food and wellness, and it is hosted by one of my favourite bloggers EVER, Venetia Falconer. Each weeks Venetia interviews someone who inspires her, and I find myself learning something new and super interesting in every episode

2. Pretty Basic

This is a relatively new podcast hosted by YouTubers Remi Cruz and Alisha Marie. An episode comes out every Wednesday and I just love listening to Remi and Alisha chat about week and reveal everything about being a full time influencer - from brand deals to content creation to dealing with hate

3. The Wooden Spoon

Despite the fact that only one episode has come out as I write this, I am already obsessed with this podcast which is hosted by studytubers UnjadedJade, Ruby Granger, Jack Edwards and Eve Cornwall. I think it shares such an important and positive message about dealing with failure and learning from your mistakes, so I just can’t wait to see what the future episodes have in store

4. Rise & Conquer Podcast

I have been a fan of Georgie Stevenson for a long time on Instagram, so I was so excited when I heard she was releasing a podcast! Georgie interviews a range of inspiring guests in each episode and I love how real and raw she is in each recording

5. Plant Proof

I have rarely come across anyone as inspiring and motivational as Simon from Plant Proof and I find myself completely hooked to each and every episode. If you’re a lover of all things health, plants and veganism - this is the podcast for you!

6. Happy Place

The Happy Place podcast is hosted by Ferne Cotton and in each episode she discusses mental health, its importance and what we should do to raise awareness about it. I learn something new in each and every episode and I always find her guests extremely interesting to listen to

I also listen to many other podcasts, such as the Deliciously Ella podcast and the Health Code podcast, but these are my top 6 favourites - what are your favourite podcasts?! Let me know by popping me a comment or a DM!