Managing Stress In Exam Season

I'm one of thousands of students who are currently in the middle of tiring exams, so I thought that today I would share my top tips for managing stress during this tricky period. Although the exam season is slowly coming to an end (thank god.), I know that I remain stressed well after exams are finished just by constantly thinking about how I did, so hopefully these tips will help some of you just as much as they help me stay calm!


During Easter, I got into the habit of to sitting down at my desk with the whole day ahead of me with the aim to just "revise". This was not productive at all as I just ended up procrastinating all day because I did not have a clear goal to get done, and I was just constantly thinking "I have ages!". When it got to around 7pm and I realised I still had done nothing, that's when the stress hit. I started panicking and also lost a lot of sleep because of how late I was starting to work, when I could've just had a productive day and a relaxing evening instead. So structure your revision so that you know EXACTLY what you have to do - and this way you'll be able to get your work done as soon as possible so that you have more time to relax and spend time with your friends!


A couple years ago when my sister was doing her GCSEs, I remember being shocked at how she was able to take an hour out of her day to watch TV. How can she afford to lose that much revision time?! Shouldn't she be revising?! However, now that I'm doing my GCSEs myself, I've realised that, in reality, revision really does not need to be happening all the time. In fact, if you're aiming to be as productive as possible, taking breaks to relax is essential. Don't be afraid to do something for yourself and spend time away from your textbook because there are 24 hours in a day and you for sure do not to be working for all that time!


Baths are exactly what I need to take my mind of things and let my brain and body relax, which is why they are a very important part of my exam routine. If you hate baths (weirdo.), find something else which can de-stress you such as reading before bed, going on a walk or doing whatever makes you feel calm.

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