How I Healed + Sped Up My Metabolism

Disclaimer - calories and numbers mentioned in this blog post. If those are topics which could upset you, please consider choosing another blog post to read.

For those of you who may not know, around two years ago I developed an eating disorder, which led to me greatly restricting my calories and thus damaging my metabolism. My daily intake became very very low, which led to my metabolism greatly slowing down so that I was maintaining my weight on no more than a few hundred calories a day.

Thankfully, when I started recovery and began to change my ways, I was able to completely restore my metabolism - and to date I am able to maintain my weight eating anywhere between 2000-2700 calories daily!

At one point I was even maintaining on 3000+ calories - just to show you how adaptable your metabolism really is!

I no longer count calories (more about that here) but I know I was able to effectively speed up my metabolism to get to where I am today.

Here's how I did it...

1) Increasing my calories

The more you eat, the more you burn. Simple as that. If our bodies have become used to eating a certain amount, they will only burn that amount as there's no more energy to use. Therefore, as we begin to eat more and therefore train our bodies to burn more calories, our metabolism speeds up. There is no such thing as permanent damage done to your metabolism - yes some damage takes longer to repair than less serious damage - but you can reverse even years and years of dieting and thus extreme harm done to your metabolism.

I slowly increasing my calories by 100 calories a day so that my metabolism had time to adapt and change. No, I didn't gain any weight from doing this - my metabolism simply caught up and sped up - which is why when I had to gain weight to restore my body after my eating disorder I had to eat an incredibly large amount of food.

2) Don't increase your activity levels

If you begin adding in calories to your day but you also add in an extra workout or run to compensate, you may as well not be doing anything! Give your body time to heal by sticking to the activity levels you were at before embarking on this metabolism restoring journey.

3) Never go back to your old ways

Wether you've been through yoyo dieting or an eating disorder, once you've healed your metabolism once it gets harder and harder to do again. I'm not saying there isn't hope because as I said earlier the damage can always be reversed, but try your best not to strain your metabolism by causing it harm again and again. Your body has given you another chance - thank it by continuing to fuel and nourish it correctly every single day!

I hope these tips have been helpful - make sure to leave me a comment or a DM on my Instagram if you have any blog requests!