Banana Oatmeal...With A Twist!

I kid you not, these were the best oats I've ever tried - and since I have oats nearly every morning that really says something! Prepare to be mind blown...

Ingredients (serves 1):

↝ 1 cup oats

↝ 2 dates

↝ 1/2 cup plant milk

↝ 1/2 cup water

↝ 1 banana

↝ other toppings, such as passion fruit and fresh figs


First, blend the oats with the dates in the blender. This gives them an incredibly creamy, sweet and delicious texture when you cook them!

Then, cook the blended oat mixture on the stove with the milk and water, stirring slowly.

When the oats have reached your desired consistency, serve and top with the banana and other toppings! I personally also love adding almond butter to this oat recipe.