Folder Organisation 101

You may have seen I recently made a video all about my top tips for folder organisation and staying up to scratch with your notes and various folders for each subject (watch the video here if you haven't seen it yet!) but I thought I'd also write down the main things I want to share about how I keep my school stuff tidy:

1) Have a "contents" page at the front of your folders!

Again, if you've seen the video you will have seen that virtually every single one of my folders has a little index page at the front which explains what each file divider corresponds to and what topics I have notes for in that specific folder. Seeing as I have at least two folders for each subject, this is essential as I never want to be endlessly searching through all my chemistry folders whilst trying to find my notes for organic chemsitry!

2) File your flashcards with your notes!

I feel like very few people do this...which is insane for me to think about as I absolutely live by this! When I write notes and flashcards for a topic, I keep the flashcards with the topic notes in the same section of the folder and file the two things together in a plastic file. This is sounding very confusing which is why I recommend watching the video for a slightly clearer explanation, but essentially I think it's so important to keep all your resources for one specific topic in one place - there's no point making flashcards for something if you then lose them in a random textbook or corner of your house and never end up using them!

3) Condense, condense, and condense once again!

At the end of the day, none of us actually use all the booklets and textbooks and pages of notes we've accumulated over the years when it comes to revision. I always try to condense my work into just a few flashcards or pages of notes so that I know exactly what I need to learn when it comes to revising that topic, and it means I also feel a lot less overwhelmed as I'm not suddenly bombarded with giant paragraphs and mountains of sheets.

Also...who is liking having more study/revision related content?! I constantly got requests to do more of these videos/posts which is why there's now also an entire section dedicated to academia on my blog :) Drop me a DM on Instagram or pop me a comment on YouTube if you have any specific requests of what you'd like to see from me next and I hope you found these tips useful!