Easiest Tomato Bean Stew

I make this stew all the time - literally over 3 times a week sometimes! It is the easiest thing to throw together and I always have all the ingredients I need already in my pantry, which makes it really really convenient as well as delicious! I love having this with sweet potatoes, in buddha bowls, with pasta, on toast or simply with some brown rice and fresh veggies.

Ingredients (serves 2):

↝ 1 can tinned tomatoes

↝ 1tbsp tomato paste

↝ 2 handfuls spinach

↝ 1/2 clove garlic

↝ 1 can butter beans or chickpeas

↝ 5-7 fresh tomatoes

↝ 1tsp oregano


First, heat the garlic, fresh tomatoes and tomato paste with a little bit fo water on a frying pan.

Once the ingredients have somewhat cooked, add the beans and the tinned tomatoes, as well as the spinach.

Continue stirring the stew as it cooks, and add in the oregano as well as any spices you prefer!