How To Stop Counting Calories

Updated: Oct 14, 2018

My Top Tips To Stop Counting Calories:

→ Start small! Start with just 1 meal or 1 snack a day which you don’t weight, count or track. Slowly by slowly you will be able to do 2 meals, then all snacks, then all meals and snacks by gently building it up at a pace that suits you

→ Delete all tracking apps! Even if this means you will have to use the calculator app for a bit as you transition to absolutely no counting, deleting calorie counting apps is absolutely essential and, unfortunately, you have to go gold turkey on this one

→ Estimate! Before I stopped counting calories completely, for a few weeks I found it really effective to just quickly estimate the calories of my food. It would give me the reassurance that I wasn’t eating “too much” despite not counting, which made it easy to move away from numbers completely

→ Delete measuring scales! After I stopped weighing my food, not counting calories became SO easy. I know it’s hard to do but you have to go cold turkey and just stop weighing your food no matter what. Seeing numbers will just lead to you thinking of more numbers and it’s probably the most important step to take → Realise it adds nothing to your life. Seriously, life is short! Let’s use our time on more than just counting our food which doesn’t want to be counted

From my Instagram - @savedbyvegan